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Rights for those working in a private household to accompany their employer to the UK: A person working as a domestic worker in a private household should be able to accompany the employer to the UK to work here, if they meet the relevant conditions. They must apply for entry clearance (a visa) at a British Embassy, High Commission or Consulate before coming to the UK. Domestic workers must be aged 18 - 65 and have been employed as a domestic worker for the same employer for at least 1 year immediately before the application for entry clearance. Domestic workers cannot take up any other kind of employment, although once in the UK they can change employer. Domestic workers must demonstrate that they can maintain and accommodate themselves without recourse to public funds.

We can assist in making the application for entry clearance and advise on the documentation required.

We can also advise and assist domestic workers in making applications for extensions of stay, or changing employer. Extensions are usually granted for a period not more than 12 months.

Many domestic workers have spouses and children in their country of origin. We can assist domestic workers in bringing their dependants to the UK.

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